Gene’s Sausage Shop And Delicatessen

When someone you love departs, you can't fill the void with just anybody, as Saved By The Bell found out with, ugh, Tori. Ably replacing a beloved institution, Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen.Full Story


Shop like a European: A food-lover’s guide to Chicago’s newest Old World markets

So your big resolution for 2010 was to finally travel to Europe like you've been promising yourself for years. Then, that foul-tempered economy went and got in the way of your anticipated raise, or perhaps you blew your holiday bonus on New Year's Day lap dances. C'est bien, traveler; you may not be able to travel to Europe this winter, but some entrepreneurs out there have been considerate enough to bring Europe to you. Recently, Chicago has seen the launch of a few markets whose Old World offerings might just transform a grocery trip into a substitute for that European vacation.Full Story


Hungry Hound’s Sausage Quest

Making sausage and smoking it in-house is an old-world skill, rarely found these days. But there's a new European market in Lincoln Square where old world traditions are still in place. Full Story


Popular deli coming back

Delicatessen Meyer, a fixture in Lincoln Square, shut its doors in late March because of unpaid bills. Now, a Chicago family whose own deli has been around for 36 years is bringing it back to life.Full Story


Picnic Possibilities for the Fourth

Potato salad is an obvious choice for a side dish, but instead of boring mustard and mayo, try the German-style potato salad at Gene's Sausage Shop at Delicatessen Meyer in Lincoln Square, where Polish culture infuses the recipe.Full Story

Chicago Reader

Gene Hangs the Sausage, and Other Openings

I stopped by Lincoln Square's shiny new Gene's Sausage Shop yesterday at a lucky time. Patriarch Eugene Luzcz was hanging the sausage in the front window of the massive double-decker superstore that rose over the footprint of the old Meyer Delicatessen. I've been watching these developments for more than two years now, and I'm relieved that they're finally opening Saturday morning at 9 AM.Full Story

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